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New Flash User (I'm a 3pic no0b!)

2011-02-06 01:06:46 by Isamuu

I signed up for Newgrounds a few months back now, and I only really used my account for playing games and watching other peoples animations. Well that gets old pretty fast (In my mind) So I've decided to start making my own stuff, I'm installing Machromedia Flash 8 right now and hoping to get started real soon! Wish me luck!

(Sorry for this being a real random post that wont really be entertaining or interesting to anyone. Just wanted to start up some new post.)

New Flash User (I'm a 3pic no0b!)

Retro Man!

2010-04-11 13:40:50 by Isamuu


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Final Fantasy III (VI)

2010-04-10 20:50:27 by Isamuu

Hello newgrounds members! Are you a fan of Final Fantasy III? Well if you answered yes then check out my youtube page to see my walkthrough!

New to Newgrounds! (redone)

2010-04-10 19:03:14 by Isamuu

I just joined Newgrounds! (again) My name is Ryan and if you are wondering what the name Isamuu means it is a miss spelled Japanese name Isamu meaning "courage".